Wellbeing Program


Our Wellbeing Program includes:

~ Social, Emotional and Mindfulness  (SEAM or SEL)

Developing the WHOLE child is our ultimate goal. This just isn't the academics, but more importantly, developing each child's social and emotional learning along with their mindfulness and resilience. We call these topics 'SEAM' or it can sometimes be referred to as 'SEL' if you remove the 'mindfulness' component. What exactly is SEAM? Why do we place so much importance upon it and why do we teach it? VIDEO 

As well as using our own resources that Keryn has developed specifically for our unique and individualised SEAM program, we also tap into other highly regarded and evidence-based programs. Some of these are:

Second Step

~ Incredible Flexible You /We Thinkers!

~ The Resilience Project

~ Kindness: 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' VIDEO and BOOK 

~Worry Woos Emotional Intelligence Monster Puppets and Program

~ Big Life Journal

We also include additional aspects that add extra value to our Wellbeing Program. Some of these are:

~Our 'Start-Up Program' that is run for Term One. It focuses on establishing positive friendships, appropriate listening skills and routines as well as positively belonging tot he group from Day One.

~Yoga (with a visiting qualified yoga instructor, Sophie Nolis from Spirit Nation)

~Meditation of varying descriptions including Smiling Minds, Mandalas, Visualisation, Zen and Transcendental.  https://www.smilingmind.com.au/

~ Regular music sessions with a qualified music teacher from Mini Maestros Music https://www.minimaestros.com.au/teacher/chantelle-alvaro/


~ Child-Friendly Cities and Communities

In 2019 we were honoured to be recognised as being advocates of a "child's voice' through formally receiving the title of "Child-Friendly Cities and Communities" membership. https://www.vlga.org.au/sites/default/files/Victorian-Child-Friendly-Cities-and-Communities-Charter-2013.pdf